German wooden Weather Houses from Black Forest to buy

German Weather Houses

Beautiful weather houses from the Black Forest in Germany have a very long tradition. They are a well known german souvenir. A typical Black Forest Weather house is made of wood. The height of our weather houses is 5 - 11 inch. Each weather houses is manufactured by a company in Black Forest with a long tradition.

A weather house shows by 2 figures the weather. Weather houses have a thermometer to display the temperature in degrees Celsius and mostly in Fahrenheit. This means that our offered weather houses can bee used as souvenirs or gift worldwide. A weatherhouse can be set up or hang up outside protected from the rain.

Find and buy Your weather house. We are worldwide shipping directly from Germany.

How a Weather House works: Inside a gut string controls the function of a weather house. The gut reacts to changes in humidity. It changes its position and twists the characters. In dry air, the woman in a summer dress turns to the outside and in humid air the man with an umbrella turns to the outside. The weather house can be adjusted with a knob.

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 $ 168.75 **  

Black Forest Weather House Type 48

Beautiful and popular exclusiv weather house made of wood from the Black Forest with a thermometer. Figures from wood in Black Forest costume. Exclusive wooden weather house with a special charm. It displays the temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Height: 20cm/8inch ...

 $ 182.25 **  

Exclusive Black Forest Weather House Type 62

• Height: 22 cm/8,7 inch
• Width: 26 cm/10,2 inch
• Deep: 16 cm/6,3 inch
• colorfull

Trenkle Uhren Simonswald ...

)* including 19 % Tax excluding Shipping costs
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Show 46 to 47 of 47 products